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Yukiko Suzuki

Hello. I'm Yukiko Suzuki. I am the fourth-year grade of Toyama University. Last year I took a year off of university and I traveled around. For Japanese medical students, taking a leave of absence could be their disadvantage to the carrier. However, I decided to do so, because I knew that there was a big world outside of the university and I thought it was worthwhile to learn different cultures and values. Actually, the two trips, one destination of which was Shanghai and the other was Vancouver, taught me the importance of stepping outside my comfort zone. Then I decided to stay in Myanmar for six months and visit Cambodia, Australia and Singapore. In Myanmar and Cambodia I joined the medical volunteer work. My work was mainly to deal with the short-term volunteers, but I sometimes worked as a surgeon's assistant. the experience was invaluable and now I feel I gained advantages rather than disadvantages. I was not interested in international medicine originally, especially working in developing countries, but now I'm thinking of devoting my life to helping people in medically underserved areas in the future. In addition, through the experience assisting surgeries, I realized again that I have an interest in surgeries. In this program I would like to broaden my horizons and learn new skills to be a good doctor. Moreover, I expect to get hints of pursuing a career. I am looking foward to having wonderful days in San Francisco. NIce to meet you!!