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Wei-Che Webber Lo

My name is Webber Lo and I am a student from National Taiwan University
. I would be taking the National Exam for Physician
in the end of July, so right now I am a little nervous
about it.
I grew up in Taipei throughout my life wIth my parents and sister. While living in Taipei has its merits in its convenience, it also makes me grow tired of its bustling and busy atmosphere, but it is also something you
get used to.
One of the nice things living in a big city is that there are plenty of bookstores around. I am a fantasy kind of guy and going to a bookstore is always a nice treat for me. I am also particularly fond of music and
dancing for both eases my nerves when I am stressful.
In my college years, exploring various academic fields gives me a clear perspective in where my interest lies is in the field of psychology and neuroscience.
However, it will take years for me to really grasp hold of the core and fundamental knowledge of this field of science. If this field really
suits me, I would really like to become a psychiatrist
in the future.