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Chun-Hao Jeff Wang

My name is Jeff Wang, I am in my freshman year of college. I enjoy reading a lot, sometimes I read magazines about scientific events. However ,sometimes I just read for pure pleasure. Although reading takes up much of my time, I make it a habbit to work out. I also enjoy playing basketball, I am on my school of medicine's basketball team. I am a forward, scoring basket is one of my main goal. Moreover, I love classical music, I am in NYU's piano club. Hearing classical music can soothe my body and soul.
I am an optimistic person, I believe that every cloud has a silver lining and there is always hope. As a result, I don't easily give up and seize every possible chance.
After graduation, besides just being a doctor, I hope I can also become a scientist, engaging in numerous research program. The area I am mostly interested in is about cervical cancer, this notorious cancer claims many women life every year. Sadly,one of my mother's friend is combating the cancer now. One day, I hope I can find the cure and lessen the pain and burden on so many women.
Hopefully, I can become a doctor who can keep a good balance between research and treating patients.