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Chun Hong Edwin Lo

I am Lo Chun Hong, Edwin. I am now studying in Taipei Medical University and will be a Year 3 student in the coming September. As I come from Hong Kong, there are multiple paths for me after graduation, I may stay in Taiwan, go back to HK or to the United States. One of my reasons for me to join this program is to get a deep understanding with the US medical system so that I can compare the differences in between and decide my own future. Besides, I would like to get familiarize with the medical environment early in my study. This helps broaden my horizon and better combine what I have learnt in the textbook and real life. I hope to achieve it in the program.

Regarding my medical interest, I would like to be an oncologist in the future as the sparkling point for me to choose medicine is due to my grandpa, who passed away because of lung cancer quite a number of years ago. Of course, there is a still a long way to go, I may probably move to the other medical area. I look forward to meeting students or professionals from other places and exchanging our ideas.

I love sports and music. For sports, I especially fascinated with soccer, whereas for music, I play piano and viola. I think they are good ways for relaxation and expressing my inner feeling.