2016 MED has ended
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Akiko Yoshimoto

My name is Akiko Yoshimoto, a forth year medical student at Fukui university. Although I worked at a pharmacy as a pharmacist before I entered a medical university, I did decide to be a medical doctor because I became to want to work as a doctor, which is the most comprehensive position for patients.
My hobby is swimming in a pool and in the sea. I swim in a pool once or twice a week and I go swimming in the sea every summer. My character is positive and calm. In addition, I have a great deal of curiosity.
In this MED program, I hope to gain a deep view into the differences between the medical care in Japan and Asian neighboring countries and in the US. through communicating with participants with various backgrounds. I am really looking forward to taking part in this MED program and I am also looking forward to meeting all of the participants and the staff in 31th July.