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Koichi Jingo

I belonged to Waseda university and my faculty was electric engineering and bioscience in Advanced science and engineering.But I wanted to be a doctor so I dropped out, and now, I'm a medical student in Juntendo universtiy,3rd year. In Juntendo university, I belong to a students' society for the study of medicine. And I'll be a captain of this club since this autumn. I study at 2 laboratories, biochemistry and pharmacology. At biochemistry labo, I study about orphan receptors of GPCR. And at pharmacology labo, I research as to new remedy of Alzheimer's disease by clarifying production system of Aβ, which is thought to be one of a main factor of Alzheimer's diseases. At this labo, I dissect hippocampus of rat's brain through stereoscopic microscope and I want to take advantage of this experience. So my dream is to be a great brain surgeon, however all brain surgeons I respect ,like Dr.Sakai who is said to have hands of God, have learned in USA because technology(such as catheter) is more developed there. So I want to make the foundation of (future) medical life in USA through this program. My English skill is not so good, so I also think that I want to train harder in this VIA program.
Thursday, August 11