2016 MED has ended
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Chun-Han Jimmy Lu

Hello Everybody,
My name is Jimmy. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in August. I don't talk a lot but I am an optimistic and outgoing person, and I hope that I can make some new friends.
My favorite hobby is playing sports, especially soccer and table tennis and of course all the other ball sports. I was initially invited to the table tennis school team, but I chose to attend the soccer team at last cause I like the feeling of playing with a lot of teammates. I believe that there would also be someone who likes to play soccer in the program, perhaps we could play together in the free time :D !!!
Surely, in this program we will spend a lot of time on the medical issues and some workshops, lectures and so on. I am sure that all of us must have a reason to be here. As for me, I am interested in the medical cultures and the way of teaching medical students and learning how good doctors treat patients in different countries. I would want to broaden myself and become a unique and good doctor in the future.