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Kazuki Asazuma

My name is Kazuki Asazuma. I'm from Japan. I'm 2nd grade medical student in Juntendo University and I'm 22 years old now. Call me Kazuki. In Japanese, we write my name "和樹". "Kazu" means peace or harmony, and "ki" means a big tree. Thanks partly to my name, I'm a friendly and imaginative person now. I like to watch games of sports, like soccer, baseball, badminton or so, and listen to music, especially classical music, and I love to play badminton and play Violin. I love to play sports with friend; any sports are OK, except running enormously long distance, so if there is anyone who likes to have fun trough sports, please let me know! Also anyone who is interested in music, please tell me what you feel or think about it! These experiences are one of the things I want to bring back to my home.
As a medical student, I'll tell you what I'm interested in medicine. I'm now strongly interested in doing research in my career although I want to be a clinician. This is because I believe that doing researches that are related to what I want to major in will help me in the future. The disciplines that I'm interested in are radiology and hematology. While I'm in Juntendo University, I want to join both these laboratory and deepen my knowledge toward them.
Thanks for reading! Let's have a nice time in Stanford together!