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Kotone Fujimaki

Hello, my name is Kotone Fujimaki. Please call me Kotone. I'm second year student of Nihon Univercity School of Medicine. First, I'm going to talk about my hobby. I play the violin in emsemble club in my school and some orchestras that are composed by medical students in Japan. I love the moments when I'm playing the violin in the orchestra because I feel many musical notes flying like angels. I love not only classical music but also paintings. My mother loves both of them, so I often went museum and concert with her when I was a child. I like to appreciate religious paintings because I went a junior and senior high school which is baced on Protestant. I love painters such as Rubens, Vermeer, Bosch, van Eyck, and Raffael. I also like japanese traditions. I spent my elementary school days in Kyoto, and visited many temples and japanese gardens. I can guide Kyoto city, so if you have opportunity to visit Kyoto, please contact to me.
Second, I want to talk about why I applied to VIA MED program. I want to have eposure to many opinions of medical students from other univercity. I'm sure that this summer will be precious for my future. I'm looking forward to see you in Stanford.