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Hello. My name is Tomoki Hongo. I'm a 21-year-old student from Japan. I'm now in third year of medical school at Juntendo University. My hobbies are fitness and trying what's new for me. I'm a very active person. I think there have been no time in my life when there was no sport. I started playing tennis when I was only two years old. The beginning was playing with my parents when they went to a tennis school every Sunday morning. I've practiced tennis since then. After graduating high school, I couldn't play tennis to study for University entrance exam for a year, but I often went jogging in the morning. Now I often go to Gym to swim and do muscle training to keep myself fit. I'm also a curious person who like trying new things for me. As I mentioned, I somewhat persisted in sports till graduating high school. Therefore, now I'm trying what I've never tried. They also include part-time jobs (bakery & tutor for a high school student), but most of them are academic things like belonging to tropical medicine research club, joining English discussion and a session on global healthcare during lunch time, reading books, and so on. A picture on my profile is one taken when I went to Thai as a member of tropical medicine research club. Finally, participating in this Stanford summer program is one of my new challenges. I'm looking forward to seeing you and sharing great experience with you.