2016 MED has ended
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Weijian Vivian Zhang

You will find me a happy girl that has diverse hobbies. I am a cute girl who enjoy reading Chinese classical books and modern novels. I devote much of my time to reading books. I am also interested in American animation. Never will I miss each cartoon movie of the Walt Disney Co. When it comes to the topic of music, I love Chinese classical music and American popular music both. It is very enjoyable for me to appreciate music. Moreover, I am an outgoing girl as well. I have set a training schedule for myself. Every classmate knows that I exercise by running a playing ping-pong from time to time. As for my character, nobody will doubt that I am an optimistic person. Seldom have I show an unhappy face to others. I am accustomed to smiling to everything I encounter. However, I am not very confident in myself. Sometimes, I am too shy to show all of my ability, which is one of the reason that I want to participate in this activity. This is a very precious chance for me to challenge myself by going abroad. Please give me a chance to exceed myself and establish my confidence. After graduation, I will get postgraduate education to expand my knowledge. I will become a surgeon after getting my doctoral degree . I want to be a responsible doctor with superb medical skill doctor like my father.